I want you to trust me.

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"If they lose their memory it will make things more interesting for me to watch just as long as they do get their memory back at some point. I just really don't want the writers to mess this up."

how great would it be if they lost their memories but still felt connected somehow, felt drawn to each other and not really knowing why. they are just really protective of the other and it’s really kind of weird and awkward because it’s bonnie and damon, two people who really don’t always see eye to eye or have had the greatest relationship in the past, but it’s just something that keeps drawing them together. then bit by bit their memories start to come back and they are like freaking out a bit bc when did these two start really getting along? when did they start to openly care about one another?? and what the hell are they going to do about it?

excuse me while i weep.

they writers better not fuck this up because i will riot.

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Currently searching for that GIF of Avan from Twisted, when he was walking down the hallway in that henley and his hair was just flowing down his shoulders like a pretty brown waterfall.

And then God was all “look at my creation” and decided to shine a light down on his head from the heavens.

That GIF.

This one?


He’s just like, “I kissed the love of my life, I’m pretty, girls think I’m foxy, and I’m not in prison. Life is wonderful!” 

And God’s like, “Word.”

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One little question - Does anyone else in THE ORIGINALS fandom ship Haylijah, Klayley and Klamille?

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Why would I trust you? I don’t know anything about you.
Yeah, well, I know you. And I know what you really want.

Petition to Kill Katy Perry’s Career










fuck her!



Reblog This If You Consider Yourself A Bonnie Bennett Stan

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