Snarky Haylijah is the best Haylijah

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"I’ve come too far
To see the end now
Even if my way is wrong
I keep pushing on and on and on and on…”

- Imagine Dragons, Nothing left to say

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Title: UnknownWith You
Artist: UnknownJessica Simpson
Album: UnknownIn This Skin
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Jessica Simpson || With You

*sits under the willow tree & writes in diary* 

tbh i stopped believing in true love when jessica and nick broke up

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ADDICTED: Kat Graham.

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same sameee, she’ll be back next week

i canNOT without my baby

2 episodes is way too much

i will be here waiting


haha, i know how you feeeel. her presence has been missed

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you know what’s the crazy thing?? that if klaus and mikael fight and cami sees mikael gaining the upper hand i can totally see her getting in it and like then mikael would charge for her and klaus is like nah that’s bae and omg im soooo??????? this ship is too much i need to be sedated

and then after they’re done klaus carries her out of there and is like super upset and like mad and she doesn’t understand and then he’s like “don’t you ever do that again camille!!” like super pissed and she’s like “he would’ve hurt you!!!” and then klaus just look at her with his teary eyes and just says “that doesn’t matter” and cami says “it would to me” and they just kiss

oh my god im about to pass out

WHO TOLD YOU TO DO THIS cause like i can def see her trying to help and getting hurt because she had no problem trying to help marcel against papa tunde.

but no, kat can you imagine if we got a scene that kinda paralleled the scene in 1x19 where after klaus took cami home and she called out for marcel but what if this time klaus rescues her and takes her home and asks if she wants him to get marcel and instead says no and asks him to stay instead?/?? 

Fuck that’s exactly why I’m positive cami will try to protect klaus!! And idk man I’m losing my mind just thinking about it.

Like remember klaus loves her spirit for a reason D:

And omfgggg YESSSSS and it’ll also parallel the time she asked him to stay when her uncle was dying ;______;

he does love her spirrit and his voice was all shaky when he said “so do i” as if he was like mannn brother YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH I DO. this is way too much for me to handle man. i’m blaming you kat.

ugh yes jusst give me all the klamille. just give me klaus rescuing cami, klaus being worried sick about cami, klaus yelling out cami’s name trying to find  her, klaus carrying cami, klaus staying with cami over night to make sure she is save. just gimee all the klaus and cami

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